What Your Favorite Anime Socks Say About You

Anime fans don't want to keep their favorite shows secret. Whether you prefer the classics like Dragon Ball Z or can't get enough of the newest anime shows on the radar, you can wear anime socks to make your allegiances clear. Here's what your favorite anime socks might say about you:

Dragon Ball Z

If Dragon Ball Z happens to be your favorite show, this could be an indicator that you struggle with control in your life, which could potentially lead to conflicts that might have been avoided. Despite this, you are still an admirable person that won't surrender easily and you won't back down from a challenge. Should you find that the world doesn't have any challenges for you, you'll find a way to keep yourself busy.

Hunter x Hunter

Should Hunter x Hunter be your favorite anime, this tells people that you're impulsive and have no problems rushing into adventures-even if you don't know what's going to happen. You are full of confidence and believe that you can succeed in anything you put your mind you. Your overconfidence may make you a bit stubborn and you may not always be successful, but you'll learn a lesson along the way, which will serve you later in life.

Sailor Moon

For those of you who have Sailor Moon at the top of your list, this tells people that you want to enjoy the princess life, with the fancy dresses and handsome prince, but you're also willing to fight for others. You may be a female, but you are never a victim and you use your superpowers to fight for yourself and protect others. You may have a girly side, but that doesn't make you weak, and you're more than willing to dole out justice when necessary.


If your favorite show is Naruto, then this tells others that you are concerned with the happiness and safety of your friends and family. You would do anything to protect those closest to you without asking any questions. If they find themselves in need, they know that they can always come to you. You have raw talent that others admire, and you aren't afraid to show the world what you're capable of. There may be times when putting in effort to achieve something is too much, and you don't always believe in yourself, but you're a great person who always thinks of others.

My Hero Academia

As a fan of My Hero Academia, you aren't afraid to show off what makes you different. You may contain some classic elements, but there is no one else like you in the world. You also celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of others. You know how to balance being funny and empathetic, and you use that to protect your family and friends and make them happy.

The anime show you call your favorite says a lot about you, and if you want to show off your style and personality, anime socks can help you achieve your goals. Shop our selection today!

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